The All-Electric WolfLifT

Every job site is different and demands high quality equipment rental to fit the context. When working indoors in facilities like banks, office buildings, stores, schools, hospitals, food processing plants and other places that want clean and quiet operation the WolfLifT is ideal. WolfLifT can fit through small standard single doorways, into elevators, and will never leak oil on the floor. The WolfLifT is the equipment rental solution when you’re looking for a cleaner, quitter, hydraulic free lift to get the job done.


The all-electic WolfLifT does not come equipped with any hydraulics which eliminates the risk of oil leaks, which is a becoming a requirement on more and more sites. The electric motor makes for quiet operation and more energy efficiency. The operator experiences the ultimate in control smoothness for the lift and its drive functions.

Superior Stability and Safety

This lift is a work of beauty. Starting at ground level the WolfLifT is extremely well balanced with weight evenly distributed from front to back. Added stability comes from mounting the tower’s base low on the chassis. Each drive motor comes with an integral dynamic regenerative brake which engages until the operator activates the drive function. A separate box on the front adds to safety with an independent emergency function battery and emergency lowering switch. The WolfLifT can’t be missed – bright yellow and red make is extremely visible and safe in the vicinity of other workers. WolfLifT uses an ‘exoskeleton’ technology instead of steel weldments. One of the biggest keys to stability comes from having the platform recessed inside the side supports of the top moving section of tower, rather than perched on the top like most lifts.

Additional Features

Extension Deck – A heavy duty 30” aluminum extension on steel tube from with 4 rollers makes for smooth operation. A removable control box improves job-site security. The solid travel tower structure keeps job-site debris out which eliminates the typical pinch point hazard.

Pot-Hole Protection – The pot-hole protection mechanism is mechanically deployed by the lifting of the platform. The mechanism does not deploy if there’s a solid obstacle under the PHP support bar.

Forklift Pocket – The WolfLifT can be lifted and transported easily and safely with a lift truck. The self adjusting lift yoke accommodates up to a 2 3/4in. thick lift truck or telehandler forks.

Zero Turn Radius – The front wheel drive utilizes the vertically mounted electric motors in a fixed (non-pivoting) position. The drive motors are located away from floor debris and obstacles reducing the chance of chafed, broken and damaged wiring and connection.

The WolfLifT is our most popular equipment rental when it comes to indoor jobs. Call us today and we’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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