5 Benefits of Construction Equipment Rental

Renting construction equipment is becoming more common for a variety of benefits that come with it. Rising equipment costs and an unpredictable market are two of the primary drivers behind the rising trend. Equipment rental has allowed companies to stay flexible, cut costs, and stay financially stable. We're going to cover some of the biggest benefits companies get when they choose equipment rental over ownership.

Eliminate Maintenance and Repair Costs

Owning a piece of equipment also means investing in regular maintenance and repair, both of which add up. In addition to material costs, you're saving on the labor time that goes into maintaining equipment. You still need to do the basics to take care of and maintain the equipment while you’re using it, but overall the time and cost savings on maintenance and repair alone are a massive benefit.

Project-Specific Equipment Rental

Construction companies are usually working on several projects at once. Renting equipment allows companies to avoid the logistical costs of transferring equipment among multiple job sites. Renting allows each job to have every piece of equipment available when they need it. It also creates savings when you need specialty equipment that you might just need for a few days.

No Storage Fees

When you own a fleet of equipment you need a place to securely store it. If it’s not stored properly and is exposed to harsh weather it will depreciate faster. Warehouse and other storage options are additional costs for your company. When you rent, you never have to worry about the additional costs of storage, or expensive equipment getting exposed to harsh elements.

Market Protection

The construction industry is dynamic and many things can influence supply and demand. Rising or decreasing equipment costs and the number of projects available are out of your control. Equipment rental allows you to cushion your company from unpredictable market downturns.

When things slow down you’re not left paying for an expensive piece of equipment you can’t use.

No Transportation Issues

Transporting your equipment to and from project sites takes time and labor. When transportation issues occur your project comes to a stop. There’s also risk involved with transporting heavy equipment. An accident can be very costly when transporting equipment. Renting removes the risk from your end, eliminates time and labor costs, and ensures you always have the equipment you need on site during every project.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Equipment Rental

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