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Equipment Trailer Rental 

Duke Rentals continues to expand our inventory to be your start to finish equipment provider. When you rent equipment with us you need a trailer to haul it to your site. Many of our customers have their own equipment trailers, but some don’t, so we provide that service. Other times our customers just need to…
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Utility Vehicle Rental 

Duke Rentals is continually expanding our inventory to meet customer needs. In recent years the construction industry, farm community, and large campuses have started using utility vehicles to get around quicker and safer. Duke Rentals recognizes how utility vehicles have made our customers' lives easier so we now offer utility vehicle rental as both short…
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Maximize Project Efficiency with the Right Forklift

Whatever type of project you’re working on, chances are using a forklift will maximize your efficiency. The question is – which is the best type of forklift for the job? When people hear the word "forklift," they think of warehouse forklifts, but the telehandler and mini telehandler are also a type of forklift. The bottom…
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Duke Rentals Equipment Safety Training

If you rent construction equipment, you probably understand the cost-saving benefits. You're probably also aware that there is nothing more costly than a worksite injury. You can't guarantee an injury-free worksite, but you can do a lot to mitigate the risks.  Having properly trained equipment operators is one the best ways to avoid disaster on…
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