Equipment Trailer Rental 

Duke Rentals continues to expand our inventory to be your start to finish equipment provider. When you rent equipment with us you need a trailer to haul it to your site. Many of our customers have their own equipment trailers, but some don’t, so we provide that service. Other times our customers just need to…
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Utility Vehicle Rental 

Duke Rentals is continually expanding our inventory to meet customer needs. In recent years the construction industry, farm community, and large campuses have started using utility vehicles to get around quicker and safer. Duke Rentals recognizes how utility vehicles have made our customers' lives easier so we now offer utility vehicle rental as both short…
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Vicennial Celebration 2022

Two more Duke employees hit the 20 year mark with us recently, Mike Warren and JD Welch. Both from one of our original stores located in Council Bluffs, IA.   We are excited to spend many more years with them. Mike Warren (left), Ken Tolton, and JD Welch (right).
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The Duke Rental Equipment Protection Plan

Duke Rentals offers in-house insurance on equipment if you do not have your own rented/leased equipment policy. If you find yourself renting construction equipment multiple times throughout the year, this can be a great option versus paying the industry standard fee.  The Duke Rental Protection Plan (RPP) gives you the added protection you need to…
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