Duke Rentals Continues Expanding Fleet and Locations

Duke Rentals Continues to expand our fleet and locations. We’ve grown a lot since our modest beginnings over 20 years ago in 2000. Duke Rentals is still headquartered in Southwest Iowa, but now you can find us in 15 locations throughout the Midwest. Our continually growing fleet is approaching 10,000 with no plans on slowing down. We couldn’t keep doing this without the support of our customers. 

Expanding Fleet

Duke Rentals recently added some new JLG 1850SJPs, booms, and larger excavators to our fleet. The JLG 1850SJP is an Ultra Series Telescopic Boom Lift. This machine reaches its full platform height of 185 ft. fast. No oversized load permit is needed for transportation. The telescoping jib provides 2.9 million cubic feet of work area. The machine’s axles take only one minute to extend or retract. Platform capacity comes in at 1000 lbs.

Our rental equipment fleet is extensive, varied, and continues to grow. We rent and sell a large variety of construction equipment and equipment accessories. We're known for supplying boom lifts, telehandlers, industrial forklifts, light, and general dirt equipment.

Duke Rentals has 15 Locations

Looking for construction equipment rental in the Midwest? Need a boom lift in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin? Looking for scissor lifts in Des Moines, Iowa? On the search for industrial forklifts in Lincoln, Nebraska?

Duke Rentals can be found in over 15 locations stretching from Savage, Minnesota, all the way down to Oklahoma City. A lot of our customers find themselves on the road working on different projects and need an equipment rental partner they can rely on. Duke Rentals makes it easy to get the quality equipment you need for short- or long-term rental.

Stay tuned, as we’re working on another new location opening soon.

Who Can Rent from Duke Rentals?

Duke offers a wide range of equipment throughout our 15 different locations. We can provide rentals, sales, and training to customers in multiple industries. We serve construction, industrial, entertainment, and other industries. Whether you're a contractor, homeowner, or anyone that needs equipment rental, we got you covered.

Need Rental Equipment for Your Construction Project?

Chances are, if you're on the road in the Midwest, you'll find a Duke Rental location that can get you what you need.

Check out the Duke Rentals Location Page to see a map with all our locations throughout the Midwest.

Give us a call today, and we'll give you a free quote for the next piece of equipment you're thinking about renting.


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