Duke Rentals Equipment Safety Training

If you rent construction equipment, you probably understand the cost-saving benefits. You're probably also aware that there is nothing more costly than a worksite injury. You can't guarantee an injury-free worksite, but you can do a lot to mitigate the risks. 

Having properly trained equipment operators is one the best ways to avoid disaster on a worksite. When you avoid injuries, you keep your project on schedule and stay in compliance with OSHA regulations. Duke Rentals understands how important equipment safety training is, and that's why we offer equipment safety training for our customers.

Why Invest in Safety Training?

Knowing your equipment operators are certified and trained gives you peace of mind. Reducing the chances of dealing with a project shutdown from injury and avoiding possibly disastrous litigation is a great return on investment.  In addition, an OSHA violation can be costly and hurt your reputation. Other big benefits of equipment safety training include:

  • Less Downtime – Machines break when operators don’t use them properly. Avoid costly repairs and downtime by only letting trained operators run your equipment.
  • Reduce Accidents – Being aware of how your machine moves in space keeps job sites safe.
  • More Efficiency – Trained operators know how to best use the equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Certified Duke Rentals Forklift Training

Duke Rentals offers OSHA-compliant certified forklift training. This mandatory OSHA training can be completed at any of our Duke Rentals branch locations.

  • Forklift Training Class 5 - Internal combustion engine / sit down rider style / counterbalanced / pneumatic tire 
  • Forklift Training Class 7 -  Internal combustion engine / rough terrain / reach style
  • Powered Industrial Tucks – 1910.178 OSHA Compliant

Certified Aerial Work Platform Training

Make sure your operators have the skills necessary to safely operate aerial equipment and stay in compliance with OSHA requirements. Duke Rentals offers certified AWP training for rental customers that is OSHA 1926.453 (scissor lift) and 1910.67 (boom lift) compliant. You can go through our certified AWP training programs at any of our branch locations or your facility.

Want Safety Training for Your Equipment Operators?

Getting the most out of your equipment rental starts with trained operators.  Give us a call to find out more about our training programs or stop by any of our branch locations.


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