Utility Vehicle Rental 

Duke Rentals is continually expanding our inventory to meet customer needs. In recent years the construction industry, farm community, and large campuses have started using utility vehicles to get around quicker and safer. Duke Rentals recognizes how utility vehicles have made our customers' lives easier so we now offer utility vehicle rental as both short and long-term rentals.

Why Utility Vehicle Rental? 

More Mobility 

When something on the worksite demands your immediate attention you need to get there fast. UTVs get you where you need to be in less time. They’re significantly faster than walking and allow crew leaders to save time and keep a close eye on important areas. Because of their compact size, they can reach smaller spaces that pickups can’t while maintaining speed. 

Cargo Capabilities  

Hauling materials and equipment on foot using a wheelbarrow or dolly wastes energy. UTVs offer spacious rear cargo space with the power to carry hundreds of pounds of gear and materials into the small and remote areas. Adding a UTV to your fleet gets your workers what they need to finish the job faster. 

Improved Safety 

Driving a UTV around a farm, construction site, or large campus is much safer than past alternatives. Construction zones are typically full of tripping hazards and moving objects that can take out a person on foot. UTVs feature enclosed protection with a durable frame to get you where you need to be fast and safe. 

Affordable Compared To Other Transportation Options 

UTVs are a cost-effective transportation solution that offers all of the speed and hauling capabilities you'll need on a construction site, farm, or campus. A UTV can be just as effective as a pickup truck to get around with the added perks of mobility and ease of use. They’re also going to get more gas miles for you.  

Duke Rentals Utility Vehicle Rental  

Duke Rentals offers both short and long-term Utility Vehicle Rentals. We carry both Polaris and Kubota UTVs. Both Polaris and Kubota have established themselves as utility vehicle industry leaders. Depending on the model the engines run on gas or diesel. They all have 4x4 mode to get through wet and slippery areas and come with a passenger-carrying capacity of 3 to 6. 

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