5 Ways to Improve Worksite Safety

Everyone knows safety first is a must on any construction site. An accident on a construction site has the potential to be life-threatening because of the large equipment, hazardous materials, and extreme working conditions. Crew bosses on construction sites are tasked with keeping their employees safe and minimizing the risk of potential accidents. As the midwest's trusted construction equipment rental company, we want everyone to stay safe and have success on every project. Here are five worksite safety tips to keep in mind on your next project.

Always Properly Train New Hires

Safety is a skill set that should be learned before ever setting foot on a project site. Employer expectations for safety, demonstration of all safety equipment, and emergency response and reporting procedures should all be covered. When you set expectations up front, it helps everyone work together toward the common goal of safety first. Poor training endangers new workers, experienced workers, and can shut down an entire project.

Communication is Key

Safety training doesn’t stop after the first orientation. An informal safety talk each morning primes crews with safety in mind before they start their day. A direct discussion of the day’s goals and activities cuts down on surprises and helps workers focus on what’s important. If you’ve noticed poor safety the day before you can address it during the morning talk and eliminate it.

Safety Gear

Proper safety gear for the head, hands, feet, back, eyes, ears, and body should always be provided. The gear should be functional and the right size. Gear that doesn’t fit well can impede movement making it less effective.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Each piece of equipment on a job site needs to be appropriate for the task. Using the wrong equipment for a task can lead to injury. It can also lead to creating an unsafe work environment. Make sure the equipment operator knows how to operate the equipment and is using it appropriately.

Set an Example

If you're in a leadership role on a construction site, your crew will be watching you. If you're cutting safety corners, they will too. If you're following safety protocol, they will too. Make it clear that it's everyone's responsibility to follow the rules, procedures, and best practices and do it yourself.

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