Benefits of Renting a Mini Excavator

Have you considered renting a mini excavator for your construction project? Equipment rental is a great option for one time projects, or if you're a company looking to keep your maintenance overhead low. Mini excavators are small, but can deliver big on jobs of all size. Let's take a look at how renting a mini excavator might be the perfect choice for your next project.


Mini excavators are highly maneuverable. They have the ability to work efficiently on any size site and most terrains. Their compact nature allows them to access tight or limited space areas and reduces positioning time compared to large excavators.


The learning curve for mini excavators is not big. It’s easy to learn how to operate a mini excavator which reduces training costs and time. If you’re renting it for a home project you can learn the controls quickly and get the job completed fast. We can also get you started with some basic operation instructions.

Easy Access

On some sites, you have to spend a lot of time prepping an area so it can support a large excavator. Mini excavators can move into tight spaces and operate with ease. Some sites cannot provide access to a large excavator. If you have access issues on a site, renting a mini excavator could be the perfect solution.

Less Damage to Your Worksite

The lighter weight of a mini excavator doesn't dig up soil or turn worksites into quagmires when it rains. A large excavator can tear up the soil surface very quickly, especially in wet conditions. Renting a mini excavator will leave a very small footprint on operation surfaces and reduce risks to driveways and gardens.

Easy Transport

Mini excavators are easy to transport by trailer. Large excavators require a large flatbed trailer with a big truck to haul. Loading larger equipment takes a lot more time and is more dangerous.  Renting a mini excavator eliminates the expensive logistics of moving large excavators.


A mini excavator really shines when it comes to its versatility and ability to deliver multiple onsite services using attachments. Because it can easily swap out attachments, a mini excavator can be much more productive than a large excavator.

Low Operating Costs

Mini excavators are much more cost effective to operate. You use much less fuel. The time and labor for maintenance and repair are dramatically less than that of a large excavator.

Ready to Rent a Mini Excavator?

Duke Rentals carries Kubota mini excavators. Kubota is one of the most trusted and proven brands in the construction equipment industry. We also have a large selection of attachments you can rent out with your mini excavator. Give us a call today, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have about equipment rental for your next project.

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