Benefits of Renting Industrial Forklifts

Whether you need to rearrange your warehouse, or have some serious stocking to get done, renting an industrial forklift is from a trusted equipment rental company is something you should consider. Forklift equipment rentals come with a lot of benefits without the costs of owning. If you’re not using a forklift in your everyday operations, rental is the best choice.

Why Rent a Forklift?

Renting a forklift saves you money and gives you the flexibility you need to get things done without having to invest in purchasing a large piece of machinery you’re rarely going to use. The time and money saving factors are the main drivers when considering whether or not you should rent a forklift for your project or operation.

Meet Temporary Demands Efficiently

Renting forklifts allows you to get limited work completed quickly. Maybe your demands only require a forklift for a week. In this case, renting a forklift saves you time from an application and investment standpoint. Renting equipment as needed is more comfortable on your budget and keeps you from having to worry about maintenance.

Cost Effective

Forklift rentals are a fraction of the cost of buying and owning one. When you rent machines from a reputable equipment rental company, you save money by always having the latest technology at your fingertips. The machines are well maintained with the latest in fuel efficiency and ergonomic design for improved performance and operational ease.

Before Renting a Forklift

Be clear on what your requirements are before you order your forklift rental. There are different models of forklifts that are designed for different objectives. If you rent the wrong forklift your project will be delayed costing you time and money. Before you talk to an equipment rental company, it's a good idea to be clear on several things.

  • How much time will you need the forklift? Hours, days, weeks.
  • What are the maximum weight loads you’ll be moving?
  • Know the dimensions of the area you’ll be moving loads in so you can figure out the lift height you’re going to need.
  • Will you need attachments like extenders, grapple attachments, or a teleloader bucket?
  • Ask your equipment rental company what type of engine the forklift has so you’ll be prepared with the right kind of fuel.

Choose a Reputable Equipment Rental Company

The final step is choosing the right rental company. The last thing you want is to rent some equipment that has issues. Make sure you rent from a trusted company that has built a reputation for renting out only the best and most reliable equipment. Give us a call today and we’ll give you a free quote for the next piece of equipment you’re thinking about renting. 866-438-3853

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