Duke Rentals Safety Training & Classes

Equipment rental comes with a lot of cost-saving advantages. However, nothing is more costly on a worksite than injuries. It's critical that anyone operating equipment is adequately trained.  Avoiding injuries and accidents keeps projects on schedule and keeps you in compliance with OSHA regulations. Duke Rentals puts safety first, and for that reason, we offer aerial work platform training and certified forklift training for our customers.

Certified Aerial Work Platform Training

Make sure your operators have the skills necessary to safely operate aerial equipment and stay in compliance with OSHA requirements. Duke Rentals offers certified AWP training for rental customers that is OSHA 1926.453 (scissor lift) and 1910.67 (boom lift) compliant. You can go through our certified AWP training programs at any of our branch locations or your facility.

Certified Forklift Training: Class 5 & 7 Trucks 

We also offer equipment rental customers certified forklift training that is OSHA compliant. This mandatory OSHA training which can be completed at any of our Duke Rentals branch locations.

  • Powered Industrial Trucks – 1910.178 OSHA Compliant
  • Forklift Training Class 5 - Internal combustion engine / sit down rider style / counterbalanced / pneumatic tire 
  • Forklift Training Class 7 -  Internal combustion engine / rough terrain / reach style

Formal Training Benefits

Knowing that your operators are certified and appropriately trained gives you peace of mind. When your crews are trained the chances of on-site injuries and accidents dramatically decrease. Nothing harms a company's reputation more than OSHA violations and project delays. Some of the benefits of having trained operators include:

  • Increased efficiency – Operators that know how to use the machine get the job done faster.
  • Reduced Accidents – Knowing how the machine moves in space keeps job sites and workers safe. 
  • Better Worker Morale – When your crew can see a competent operator they can focus on their work and not worry about getting injured. 
  • Less Downtime – Machines have mechanical problems when they’re not being used properly. This means repairs and lost time.

Getting the most out of your equipment rental starts with trained operators.  Give us a call to find out more about our training programs or stop by any of our branch locations.

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