Why Rent a Boom Lift?

Boom lifts are used for reaching those hard to access areas that are high in the sky. The boom lift was invented in 1951 by Walter Thornton-Trump and was originally called "the giraffe," before changing to "cherry picker," after getting frequent use on orchards during fruit picking season. Other names include aerial lift, aerial device, and EWP (elevated work platform). Boom lifts are great for many types of jobs, including painting, window cleaning, construction, tree cutting, and a variety of outdoor maintenance jobs. Let's take a closer look at some reasons you might need to rent a boom lift for your next job.

Boom Lifts are Versatile

The thing about boom lifts that make them stand out is their maneuverability. They can angle around in different directions and avoid obstacles. Scissor lifts are similar to boom lifts, but can only move vertically. A boom lift can move both vertical and horizontal making it ideal for nearly any job.

Boom Lifts Rental for Painting

The largest paint ladder might reach 40 feet at most. Ladders become increasingly unstable, the higher you extend them. Then there's the issue with your painting equipment – where are your going to put it once you're up there? Boom lifts, on the other hand, can climb as high as 140+ feet depending on the brand and model.  They're perfect for painting buildings, houses, and large structures where access and height are a challenge.

Boom Lift Rental for Tree Work

Tree trimming is one of the more dangerous lines of work. Every tree is different and can be unpredictable to a certain degree. Climbing a tree with a harness can work, but it’s not ideal. Why risk falling when there’s a safer and more efficient way to get the job done? There’s always the possibility of a falling branch injuring you or a co-worker.

The best way to manage tree work is from a distance using a boom lift. A boom lift gets you exactly where you need to be in seconds, and gives you a safe and stable platform to perform your work.  

Boom Lift Rental for Light Repairs

Replacing outdoor lights or warehouse lights can be a tricky task. Most of these lights are hanging from fixtures that are impossible to safely access without a lift. A boom lift gives you the perfect access angle to any light repair or replacement indoors or outdoors. 

Boom Lift Rental for Farm Work

The boom lift got the most use in the early days on the farm. It's how it got nicknamed the "cherry picker." Still, today boom lifts are used on farms for a variety of farm jobs. They're an excellent substitute for ladders when you're putting up a new structure or repairing an old one. And they're still the best option for picking fruit come harvest time.


The uses for boom lifts don't stop here. Boom lifts are frequently used for utility work, film and camera productions, and on all kinds of construction site jobs. Duke Rentals offers both articulated and telescopic boom rentals. Not sure which is best for your project? Give us a call, and we'll walk you through all of the best options.

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