Advantages of Using a Telehandler

Telehandlers are one of the most popular machines we offer for equipment rental. Also known as a telescopic handler, the telehandler combines aspects of a forklift and a crane into a compact machine. Consisting of a telescopic boom handle with interchangeable attachment heads, a telehandler offers more reach and power than a forklift with similar maneuverability. Let’s take a closer look at all the advantages that come with a telehandler rental.

On-Road and Off-Road Driving

Telehandlers feature four-wheel drive functionality. They can easily navigate the roughest terrain imaginable while still being suitable for roads. Their on-road and off-road flexibility makes them great choices for construction, agriculture, and a large variety of other industrial applications.

High Load Capacity

Telehandlers are capable of lifting several tons worth of materials. They're far stronger than similar-sized cranes and forklifts. Because of their design, telehandlers can lift heavy loads to great heights. Other machines with similar power have a much lower height load height limit.


Telescopic handlers are one of the most versatile mobile crane machines available. You can add forklifts, scoop buckets, winches, mud grabs, and several other attachments to the boom. The telehandler can handle several different types of jobs on a worksite because of its versatility.

Industry Uses

Telehandlers are particularly useful in multi-story construction jobs. Because they can be used on rough and uneven surfaces, they prove to be valuable on new construction sites where level surfaces have not yet been developed around the structures being erected. Telehandlers are also popular rentals for farms during particular parts of a season or when building new infrastructures like barns and storage facilities.

Ready for Your Telehandler Rental? 

Duke Rentals offers a diverse lineup of telehandler and telehandler implements. The Genie 5519 is a great choice for jobs that require a lift height of 19 feet or less. The JLG/Gradall G6-42A doubles the lift height of the Genie and maxes out at 42 feet. If you need maximum carrying capacity and lift height rent out the CareLift ZB20044 – it features a 20,000 lb carrying capacity and can reach up to 44 feet. We also have a number of other telehandler models available for rental. Call and tell us about your project and we’ll find the perfect telehandler to meet your needs.

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