Equipment Rental Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re making plans for a new project there’s usually a lot on your mind. Deadlines, budgets, hiring workers, getting the proper permits. Sometimes approaching equipment rental strategically is put on the back burner. The result can be additional costs for unnecessary rental times and even injury from neglected safety precautions.

Equipment rental gives you access to the latest and greatest technology while sparing the costs associated with storage and long-term maintenance. It also gives you the flexibility to say yes to more jobs. Duke Rentals not only wants to provide you with the best construction equipment possible, we want to ensure your equipment rental experience goes as smoothly as possible start to finish.

Avoid these Equipment Rental Mistakes

  • Safety – Are you paying enough attention to safety? Especially with rental equipment, it’s critical to be sure the operator is trained on the equipment and handling it safely. Remember – just because a worker is familiar with one piece of heavy equipment, it doesn’t mean those skills will transfer to another machine.
  • Timeline – Are you paying attention to your timelines? Are you renting equipment at the optimal time? Ask yourself if there are other tasks that need to be completed before securing the rental equipment. A piece of rental equipment sitting around, not being used, is a waste of money. Make sure you’re ready to use the equipment the day or the day after it arrives on site.
  • Contracts – Are you paying enough attention to the contract? Always read the fine print regarding things like fuel, delivery charges, late fees, and damage liability. Make sure you read everything thoroughly and ask questions to ensure you’re not left with unanticipated expenses.
  • The Big Picture – Are you paying too little attention to the overall scope of the project? Do your research and avoid renting more or less than what you need. Renting a piece of machinery when a lower end less expensive model could have done the job just as well is a waste of money. Similarly, renting a piece of equipment that is too small for the job can slow you down, and cause you to rent additional equipment and incur more expenses. Have a clear picture of what you need for the job.

Duke Rentals Can Help

To help you avoid these costly mistakes we make it a priority to answer all of your questions and make the best recommendations for rental equipment. We offer thorough explanations of our rates and terms so you’re not left with any surprises at the end of the job. When you rent from us you get clean, maintained, and dependable equipment. Come talk to us about your next project. We think you’ll be surprised by the positive impact equipment rental can have on your business and your bottom line!

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