Scissor Lift Equipment

Scissor lifts are one of our most in-demand equipment rentals. A scissor lift is a motorized vehicle with a railed platform that can be raised vertically. Criss-crossing metal supports elongate as the platform is raised. However, our electric lifts and personal lifts do not feature the criss-crossed supports, but rather a single vertical segmented shaft. Scissor lifts allow stable and safe mobile access to very high job site areas. They come in a variety of sizes that accommodate both indoor and outdoor use.

Scissor Lift Equipment Benefits

  • High Access – Enables operators to safely reach heights they’d otherwise not have safe access to. 
  • Reduced Fatigue – Excellent design and ease of movement promote less energy drain on operators. 
  • Reduced Strain Injuries – By better positioning users and creating ideal work angles repetitive strain injuries are dramatically reduced.
  • Load Lifting – Efficiently move heavy loads to hard to reach high places on the worksite.
  • Variety – With multiple base sizes, platform sizes, and height capabilities there are scissor lifts for any job. 
  • Space Efficient – Fully retracted lifts take up very little space in a warehouse or industrial factory.   

Duke Rentals Scissor Lift Equipment

We offer electric scissor lifts, one man personnel lifts, and rough terrain scissor lifts for our equipment rental customers. 

  • Electric Scissor Lifts – Quiet and clean operation for a variety of environments electric scissor lifts are ideal for indoor and some outdoor projects. These lifts come with non-marking tires and are best suited for smooth solid floor surfaces. Some models have a narrow enough width to fit through standard doorways, tight aisles, and elevators. They feature long battery life and can be driven at full height. We carry several of the Skyjack models along with some  Genie and JLG models.
  • One Man Lifts – The battery-powered one-man personnel lift platform capacity holds up to 350lbs. Ideal for changing lights, light duty electrical/mechanical work in offices, showrooms, and anywhere space is limited. Duke Rentals has found the Genie AWP-30 is ideal for this category of lift.
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts – Designed for outdoor aerial projects with tough access and uneven ground conditions. These lifts include outriggers for added stability, foam-filled or air-filled rough terrain tires, and are 4WD. Duke Rentals carries a variety of Skyjack models that range in lift capacities of 1000 lbs – 2000 lbs.

If you’re not sure what type of scissor lift would be best for your project give us a call or stop by any of our branch locations.

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